Art Workshop: Shelly Among The Reef
Art Workshop: Shelly Among The Reef

Art Workshop: Shelly Among The Reef

Professional Acrylic Workshop

Learn professional techniques from acrylic artist Kelly Quinn, receiving one-on-one time in a small class format, and refining your talents. 

You will learn how to build up coral reef seascapes and develop realistic attributes for your sea turtle artwork. You will be guided from beginning to end and have the opportunity to utilize professional quality Golden Acrylics for a multitude of effects, from interference paint to reflective paint. We can't wait to paint with you!


Sometimes called naturalism, in the arts is generally the approach of representing subject matter truthfully.

Time & Location 

Sunday, June 19, 2021
12:00pm - 4:00pm

Creative Art Studios 400
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More about the class at Studio 400 : 

  • New Location!
  • Instructor:  Kelly Quinn
  • We will be painting on an 11"x14" canvas
  • Perfect for all experience levels
  • Fun, relaxed, judgment-free environment
  • All materials are provided
  • Class time will be around 4 hours (includes breaks)