The Story

Blake Wheeler and Kelly Quinn

Hi there! We're Blake and Kelly, the founders of Paint for the Wild! Paint for the Wild all started with a desire to provide our community with a new way to explore their local wildlife centers and to experience the joy of painting (while supporting conservation in the process)! The first Paint for the Wild class was hosted in April of 2018 at Weedon Island Preserve, and thanks to our amazing community of supporters we have expanded into four new locations in the Tampa Bay area and are expanding into new regions of Florida by the end of 2019!

Reach out with any questions you may have via email to hello@paintforthewild.com

The Mission

Connect people to nature and support conservation through art.

Barred Owl - Paint for the Wild

Build community.

Corporate team building event

Share in the joy of creating.

Paint for the Wild class

Please reach out, we love to hear from our community :)